Posted on 11-Mar-2019

Yoga Sadhana

没有瑜伽经验❓ 身体太僵硬❓年龄太大❓ 通通都不是问题, 在Yoga Sadhana , 我们的基础入门课程是专门为初学者而设。 在我们位于 Malim Jaya 分院也提供每星期一至四的瑜伽基础课程。

免费试课 ☎️ 0108089070

New to Yoga ❓Too stiff or too old to start Yoga practice❓ Come join us at Yoga Sadhana (The Malim branch) from Monday to Thursday for beginner level. Our beginner program is specially designed for true beginners.

For free trial ☎️0108089070
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